Dreams Dictionaries Interpretation (Sequence)

Dream is a natural, but some are supernatural in the spiritual world when sleeping, this can occur at any time. Daniel 2:28-29; some dreams belong to God and some belong to the devils. Except for the dreams that are caused by man’s own physiology mind, the rest are supernatural. Dream is the first will for mankind from ages; it is confidential way for supernatural. Dream is the first will for mankind from ages; it is confidential way for God Almighty to talk to His mankind on earth.

For God speaketh once, yea twice, yet man perceiveth it not. In a dream, in a vision of the night, when deep sleep falleth upon men, in slumberings upon the bed; then He openeth the ears of men, and sealeth their instruction. Lo, all these things worketh God oftentimes with man

(Job 33:14-16, 29).

Although much has been written about dreams, the enormous volume of information concerning dream interpretation found in the Scriptures has been all but ignored! The Bible is filled with dreams and their interpretations. It gives detailed instructions that tell and show us how to interpret them. The Scriptures were written by the same God who talks to us in dreams. His language has not changed. Our dreams, like those described in the Bible, use word pictures or symbols to convey their concealed messages. Therefore we can study the way symbols are used in Scripture as a guide to the way they are used in our dreams. Those who attempt to interpret the Scriptures sometimes do so without leaving them in context. When they do this, they often assign meanings to them that the author never intended. Likewise, if the interpretation of a dream is to be accurate, the dream must be left in its setting. The dream and its symbols must be interpreted in light of the life circumstances of the person to whom it is given.


  1. DREAM OF GOD: – Dream from God always make people normal, peaceful stable, reasonable and sensible. Genesis 37:2-3. Dream from God is very few this days and it comes through clean mind, because mind is man thinking organ, through mind we know, think, imagine, recollect and understand. The intellectual power, rationality, wisdom and intelligence of man all belong to the mind. Broadly speaking our mind is everything related to our brain. Our mind controls all the system in the bodies, eyes, nose, hand, leg and so on. A man whom God had cleansed his mind will have a clean dream or vision. Mind is the psychology while the brain is in physiology. The mind occupies a big part in man’s life because the mind directs man’s dream in conduct most. Men of God often been in the position to have God’s dream because of their status before the Lord and many obedient child of God often get God’s dream, the mind of people today is in the carnal things of the world, it’s devils that mix it together. Today God is still speaking as of old if you will follow him, God cannot change and He will never change (Mal. 3:6; James 1:17), He will speak to you in your dream, and He will do it as He said (Numbers 23:19), God can use warning dream against your enemies for your own victory (Judges 7:13-15). The dream of God gives confidence victory in the life of obedient man in all things I have mentioned above. The mind of man is bigger than the physical world; the mind of man is like a world room in unlimited arena that has doors in the spiritual powers (Gen.1:26-31), man is the only unlimited, super creature, balanced being created creature from God everything man needed is inside of him or her. Keep your mind and thoughts positive! Your good dream can keep you going even takes you to the eternal realm of Almighty future.
  2. DREAM OF THE DEVIL SPIRITS: – How can we know this evil spirit dream, their error and confusions in our dream? Devil spirits are invisible being, the physical eye can’t see them yet they are real like human beings, more wicked, and dangerous than man. Many people are possessed with evil spirits and they had automatically gained their mind thought from long ago time through worldly things (picture, video, sound and thought) in this world; evil spirits make them see, listen and watches the pictures during the day and dream about it at night. Evil spirits are wiles craft more desperate than mankind because they are visible from ages on earth to bind the generation of Adam against the Will of Creator. This evil spirits use all good things in the physical world to bind the mind always when occur in the dream of man. But this is the dream that came from evil spirits are all strange, vain, false, foolish and caused people to become elated, stupefied, confused, and irrational and soon. The evil spirits can give a Christian believer many strange dreams, some of which are very good, because his mind is passive. If a believer’s mind has fallen into passivity, all his dream will not come from God, neither will they be natural; instead, they will be from evil spirits and he or she will be looking for interpretation, it is a pity that this day some interpreted evil spirits dream in their churches. At night the mind is naturally not as active as during the day and it becomes more powerless to the man and spirit world. The evil spirits will seize the opportunity to accomplish their goal; many will come for interpretation of evil spirits dream. These kinds of dreams at night make the people dizzy and heavy in the body when he wakes up in the morning. Sleeping does not increase your power because while you are sleeping (it only re-organize your systems when tired) evils spirit are affecting the whole body through the passive of your mind in the brain. All frequently suffer from dreams at night have evil spirits working in their mind. If a believer single-minded rejects the evil spirits work both during day and night he will be free from them. Evil spirits automatically calculate the mind to afflict the mind and to put the soul into bondage. If a believer wants to check if his dream is form evil spirits, he only needs to ask, “Had my mind been passive during the day?” May be you lust through what you have seen hear and thought about and you contributed to it, means the dream which you received is not worth to be trusted affliction comes into mind and finish the work in our dream. If evil spirits dream is often in your dream your mind is automatically cage by evil spirit dream can make you do what you are doing physically in your dream with forces such as eating in dream, sex in the dream, killing human being or animal knowingly labor in hard work by sweating in dream, counting money in the dream, crying in the dream, swimming in dirty rivers or waters and many more. There are people afflicted in their dreams by the spirits of their ancestors or inheritance faulty foundations you all need freedom and deliverance from them. “And God saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually”. Genesis 6:5
  3. DREAMS OF THE FLESH: This is also known as dream of body, how can we know this? Evil spirits known mankind weakness, strength and genetics so they use this opportunity to afflict the generation of man with their flesh dream. The flesh dream is between evil spirits and man’s list reviled of one line spirit controls the empty mind of man is carnal things through lust pictures, songs, video and lust words, you can be fasting and at the same time eating in the dream having sex in the dream because of the mind had been so passive to the things of the world, the victim had been possessed cage spiritually and bind by the wicked spirit of passivity, the victim will always lose focus because he’s bound in the flesh dream, these can come into two form good or bad it depend on the passivity of the mind of the person. The dream is caused by thought and physiological mind of man, control by spirit of man and evil spirits in together. The real Man is a spirit inside the soul, the mind is also a spirit in the brain that occupied the whole head, the evil spirit are spirits, they have access to the passive mind that’s empty mind to things of God, the dream of flesh will always tackles the things of God, oil and water can’t never be mix together, the two liquid can never be together, dream of flesh will want you to submit to the things of evil spirits so they can gain into your mind for work, they can blind the mind by instruct you in your dream to do sacrifices by killing bird or animals for rituals and follow the other way contrary to the Holy Scripture, this is also their gain doorway into humans mind. The dream of the flesh will not love discipline and discipline is the resistant of the flesh, flesh dream can make you ignorant in religion captive into evil spirits cages, flesh dream will want you to eat too much, sleep too much, spend time in pleasure of vanity while you suppose to be in God’s presence, flesh dream eat up destiny by evil spirits, they are orientation of the flesh dreams, we need to be careful of how you put things into mind, and thought, stay out from the things of flesh, too much in clothing, eating and so on. Flesh dream causes friend and enemy and enemy friend, some dreams are flesh that’s why it will not happen physically, what is in your mind now? You will have flesh dream if you disobey God. “And evil spirit from the LORD troubled him”. 1 Sam.16:14.


If you do not gain your mind back to God, you will lust in becoming the enemy of God, ignorantly some people are enemy of God already because of their fleshly dream some will say they have fall in love with someone, the picture, video and carnally emotion of that lust called love will lead them to destruction, because their picture is negatively afflicted in the dream and they are continue dreaming in the coffin of minds bondage, even if the relationship is broken their dream will still continued because their mind is passive to the things of negative thought pictures and pleasure. Some are sexy fleshly bound in their dream they became sex machine to evil spirits (Female or Male Demons enemy’s programming) some are programmed automatically eating in the dream from bowel of vanity of backwardness, this killing potentials and glory at hour, the victim is coded with these afflicted wicked demon initiated from hell mission to the directed victim they’re working on the foundational ground source, all these programs lives in them and it part of them, you need to gain your mind back to God the Creator. “For a dream cometh through the multitude of business”. ECCL . 5: 3. Your dream is in your mind, in this book hundreds of bad dream you we see and the solution …. Good dream are few mind is a merchant field for buy and selling, few people mind is for God ….  From the age up till now, Man mind is marketed on how to get more and more in this carnal generation. God want your thought and mind back so that you can have your future back in your hand, this book will open your mind Again for renewing   soul mind against evil spirits ‘To come out of you and you ‘God will gain it (Mind) for eternal joy. Praying through the name of Jesus and Christ will guide you during your dream hour. Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34).








Dreams Dictionaries


In Alphabet




Pretending: Entertainer; Historic; Insincere; Principal; Artiste; Chief;  Role-playing; performer in play; Idol (her) worship; Hypocrite; Impostor. Somebody who Sham: somebody who is not genuine: Pretender to be something else fake or feel something as to impress or deceive.


Personal or Work: Church: large airplane, such as a passenger plane; travel. Small Airplane is a person assignment or personal ministry; oversight. Flying or Soaring is Moved by the Spirit; ministering in the gifts of the Spirit. Flying near Electrical Power Lines is Danger; caution; need for much prayer: flying touching power line without hurt it’s a victory ahead towards where you are going.  Flying Too Low is Insufficient power (ask God for power in your prayer) or preparation (training); not following (being led by) the Spirit. Airplane Crash is Failure; Church split (the survivors are those remaining after the split.); personal disaster or major national event destruction (i.e., a failed marriage, business venture, loosing large money.


Waiting: Preparing; being made ready (for ministry, travel, change, etc.); also, the Church.


Genetic: good or bad; transformation; soul; change; somebody; someone; individual; brute; misleading: inherited problematic “a problematic situation at home” in family birth tissues. Uncompleted geologies.

ALLIGATOR or Crocodile

Ancient marine power ruling the past, present and the future over the sea and land: (Note: Alligators are old world mammal living in muddy water.)

1. Evil out of the past (through inheritance or personal sin of the ancient believe, danger; destruction; evil spirit.

2. Killing in the dream is a victory over territories land mark of the ancient prison

3. If attacked it is bad omen; check out for counseling without delay.


1. Awaiting realm of unstoppable place:

2. Preparing; being made ready (for ministry, travel, change, event of great transformation etc.); also for the Church and ministry.


Organizer: smuggler (evil or false); it also mean (have ants in your pants to be excited or impatient about something); army ant, leaf-cutter ant, Pharaoh ant, red ant, slave ant, slave-making ant, termite, and white ant, all these ants are colonies in the spirit world and dominant symbolic.


1. Mind: Thought; attitude (good or bad);

2. Learning; spiritual realm.

3. Dusty Relics from the past memories.


1. Advocate: Christ; Man of God; Legal defense;

2. Sometimes is means accuser.


1. Life: Person; ministry.

2. New Car New ministry or new way of life.

3.  Automobile breakdown is problematic; sickness; trouble; opposition; hindrance (to one’s ministry, business, career, livelihood, etc.).

4. Limousine; Important; pride.


Means project, business, expectations and soon aborted, cutoff; failure if dreamed by young once or carriers punchers.


Potential (for greatness): Small, but significant.


1. Sings of bitterness, offense; carrying a grudge; hatred; sarcasm, without repairable judgments,

2. Sarcastic quality in speech or writing. Solution: read Psalm 27 in twenty seven times at midnight in three days follow the prayer link sites


Bondage: Bound; obsessed; oppression, demon Possession inherited war seek counseling.


Sin: Idolatry; pornography; . Wrong {Imagination} Ability; Demonic Slavery. (See SEX.) Ye [spiritual] adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God?… (James 4:4)


Faith: Weak Ankles is Weak faith; unsupported; undependable. Sprained Ankle is Unfaithfulness; broken promise.


Strength of Weakness: Savior; deliverer; helper; aid; reaching out (showing mercy); striker.


Fruit: Words; flesh; sin; temptation; cherishing; appreciation (as in “giving a teacher an apple”); fruit of the Spirit, a fruit as a star apple.


1. Memories (That which has been reduced to ashes remains only in memory):

2. Repentance; ruin; destruction; burnout.


Awe-inspiring: Majesty, Noble Moment, and Venerable month. It is Nobility month and profoundly honored “August holy men” {of noble birth.} To make ripe harvest at Realization of Truth; Proceeding Moment; Unstoppable “as unstoppable as the wind”; Month of Excellency and Merit Transplantation.


Ruined: Waste; retrogression: wrecked; lost minds; corruption.


Strife: Contention; conflict; confrontation; calamity; offense; mistake or sin in ministry: very poor condition: as in “failure to maintain right-of-way.


Unexceptional, Irresistible Force: Sudden destruction; sudden, unplanned change; overwhelming situation; divine judgment.

Fruitfulness: reward of expectations; no labour will be vain at this moment period; high expansion in excelling; gain in personal surpassing outstanding in circumstances.



1. Supernatural realm, spiritual Realm: Spiritual oversight; spiritual viewpoint; to oversee.

2. Falling from the balcony it is negative effect of all the mentioned above, solution is to restorer the falling term in the spirit realm as you use three days fasting and prayer of the pages.


Instigator: One who cooks up (and serves) ideas; originator; Christ; satan; minister; self.


1. Church of Jesus Christ, Prayer Mountain: it also means place of removal of old covenants of sin, occult, or religion.

2. Haircut is putting away tradition or bad habits; repenting of bad attitudes or evil character.


Storehouse: Church; relating to the work of the ministry; provision; large work.


Soul of men: Carnal nature; lust; discouragement or depression; refuge; retreat; hidden; forgotten; secret sin; put away or stored


Desire elevation or Cleansing shallow: Prayer of repentance; confession of offenses or sins to another person; passion; strong lust, next of breakthrough.


Power: Strength; prayer; motivation; weak; without spiritual power.


Insufficient Aid: Patching or covering something up instead of curing the real problem. Person wearing numerous Band Aids is Hurt or wounded (as in “you hurt my feelings”).


Closed: Obstacle; hindered; path blocked.


Secure: Dependable; safe; saved; certain (as in “you can bank on it”); reward reserved in Heaven; the Church.


It is another type of financial instrument used in similarly to a cheque to make a payment or transfer money; patient and inner peace confidence is needed waiting for huge amount is on the way into your endeavors.


Church: Place of removal of old covenants of sin, occult, or religion. Haircut is Putting away tradition or bad habits; repenting of bad attitudes.


Staying Vigilant and being Safety from: Purpose; Understanding; Capacity; Insecurity; Certainty (“his victory is a certainty”); Weapon of danger; Equipment for Accident; Calamity; Catastrophe; Disaster; Terror; Robbery; Stepping out of End Zone in Danger Circumstances. Resulting in Two Point to the Opposite Team (zone for a safety) Defend against incoming Enemy’s Tragedy:- Bad luck; misfortune; worse luck; bad outcome; trouble result; regression; mischance (Preservation from Escaping) Peril or Harm.


Church: Preparation; vanity; holiness; transition.


Chastisement or Offense: Stinging words; affliction; busybody; busy – as in “busy as a bee; gossip.


Rest: Salvation; meditation; intimacy; privacy; peace; covenant (as in marriage), or an evil covenant (as in natural or spiritual adultery); self made (harmful) conditions (as in “you made your bed, now sleep in it”).


A Sign indication and percussion: time, season, and awareness for signet; 1. Change (as in “the times are changing”). 2. God’s Presence (as in “the manifestation of the Spirit…the gift of tongues”). 3. Vanity (when used as jewelry or fashion); pride or ego.


Inordinate Lust: Unnatural, behavior; deviant sex acts; inhumanity (as in oral or anal sex); obscene.


Spirit: Holy Spirit; demon; man; message. Flock of Black Birds is Gossip; slander; bitter words. And John bare record, saying, I saw the Spirit descending from heaven like a dove, and it abode upon Him (John 1:32).


Habit: challenges; genetic; emotional; mental; stress. If dreamed is habitual: it trends to show up in peoples who are nervous, anxious, or feeling down. During things without thinking; it is a sign of spotting on challenges without solution and struggling without solution help. Spiritual implication is total deliverance.


Life of all the Flesh on earth: Covenant; sacrifice; offering; surrender; killing; murder; defiled; unclean; pollution; purging; testimony; witness; guilt, bloodline.


Person: Terrestrial; Violence; Hirudinean; Witchcraft; Carnivorous; Emissary; Speculator; (without benefit to the host) Foeman; Evil Plumber.


Life or Word: Doctrine; covenant; the Church; substance; provision (money, food, etc.).


The figurative seat of the emotion, feelings; particular through the skin emotion; impression, attraction or desire; opinion; an attitude; present participle and gerund of sense, intuition in such condition emotion female. WOMAN WITHOUT BREAST: Wrong Feelings; Wrong Emotion toward reality; Language of the body as enmity in following; Hopeless desire; Ending expression in relationship. BOISTEROUS BREAST: Ability; Energy; Exuberant, Violence, Agitation, Pride Sin, Exuberant Behavior, Character, Immorality.


Works: Works of the flesh (i.e., not of weakness in faith); legalism; self-righteousness; laboring; working out life’s difficulties (as in riding uphill or in sand or mud). Messenger boy (a seer) as in “paper delivery young person” Bicycle Built for Two or with child seats, Family; more than one person involved


Worship: (true or false) idolatry; record matrix; awareness in formula; conferred occasion commonly created; BIRTHDAY PRTY: paradox in self- contradictory —- birthday paradox  


Stop: Hindrance; resist; wait. Brakes Fail is Overcome; not able to discontinue a bad habit or change a tradition; no resistance to temptation. Now when they had gone throughout Phrygia and the region of Galatia, and were forbidden of the Holy Ghost to preach the word in Asia, after they were come to Mysia, they assayed to go into Bithynia: but the Spirit suffered them not (Acts 16:6-7).


Word: direct from God or man; judgment; hypocrisy; mimickers impression;; self-justification; fake; man’s tradition.


Man-made stone (unacceptable to God): Man’s effort; works of the flesh; incorruptible building material


Church of Jesus Christ or Prayer Mountain: Preparation; vanity; holiness.


Weak: Moved by every wind; wimp (person who lacks confidence); controlled; powerless; aimless; puffed up.


Wounded: Hurt, judgment, naturally mind or emotionally; spiritually dying; offended; in strife; gossip; unclean.


Winner or Correct: Sudden victory; correct answer, idea, risk, or understanding.


Plans: Word of God (including personal prophecies); specific instructions.


Change: Regeneration; salvation; deliverance; infusion of power from on high.


Personal life or family house: a household under construction.


Childish: Foolishness: immaturity. (SEE CHEWING GUM)

Secret; Hidden; the hidden place of the or for the wicked ones.


Lack: Sin; ignorance; grief; mourning; gloomy; evil; ominous; famine; burned.


Covering: Covenant; hidden; Comforter is Holy Spirit.


Supernatural: Spiritual gift; divine revelation; heavenly visitation; depressed (as in “singing the blues”); a male infant. Medium

Dark Blue: God’s Spirit or Word; blessing; healing; good will. Very

Light Blue: Spirit of man; evil spirit; corrupt.


Support: Life; person; recreation; spare time. Large Ship is the Church. Small Boat is Personal ministry. Sailboat is moved by the Spirit. Powerboat is Powerful ministry or fast progress. Battleship is Spiritual warfare; rescue. Shipwreck is Apostasy; Church split.


Spirit: condition of mind heart; death, emptiness; no life at situation presently. call or mail counseling

BOX – Capacity

Religious Tradition (as in “you can’t keep God in a box”); legalistic doctrine. A collection or pile of Cardboard Boxes is Memories (each memory contains the emotions, regrets, joy, grief, sadness, etc. of the previous experience). Disposing of old Boxes is Renouncing and forsaking he past. Gift wrapped Box is Special Gift; spiritual gift.

BOXING – Striving:

Preaching; deliverance; trial; tribulation, patient is needed in circumstances.


Stop: Hindrance; patient; resist; wait. Brakes Fail is Overcome; not able to discontinue a bad habit or change a tradition; no resistance to temptation.


Dead as dead grass is brown: repentant; born again; humble; without spirit.


Disinfestations or Witchcraft: Clean house means: put away sin: Old World; cleaning implement for sweeping; finish with a broom. Scatted Broom: bad omen in all endeavors expectations.


Record: Knowledge; Word of God; heart of man; witness; remembrance (good or evil); conscience; education; research; study. If the book’s subject is revealed in the dream, research that subject (or read that book).


Unyielding: Stubborn, character, human; tenacious; dangerous.


Ceremony of burial interring ahead, pray to avert this if seen.


Ministry founder or general overseer: School Bus is Teaching or youth ministry; learning; working together. Driver is Teacher; pastor; Christ. Passengers are the Students or church disciples. Passenger on Tour Bus is Sojourner; Christian; sightseer.


Freedom: Flighty (flitting about); fragile; temporary glory; nervous (as in “public speaking gives me butterflies”). Cocoon is Metamorphosis; transformation; change. Caterpillar is Devourer; potential.



Increase: Prosperity; idolatry; false worship; stubbornness; children of the Kingdom. Cow or Heifer is A rebellious woman.


Memory: Bringing things to remembrance.


Temporary: Abiding; recreation; rest; youth ministry. Campfire is Fellowship. The angel of the Lord encamps round about them that fear Him, and delivers them (Psalm 34:7).


Offense: Heresy; unforgiven offense; bitterness; Cancer of the Tongue: Scornful words; sarcasm; Bladder Cancer: Hate speech; bitter envy; Breast Cancer: May indicate stress or when applicable, bitterness from spouse’s infidelity; when naturally interpreted, sometimes a terminal disease.


Facts: Honesty (as in “putting all your cards on the table”); truth; expose or reveal; dishonesty; underhanded dealing; cheating; wisdom (as in “knowing when to hold and when to fold”).


Worldly: Festivity; party spirit; exhibitionism; divination; competition.


Recording: Memory; Listening to Recorded Music is Reliving the past through memory; worship.


Leader: (good or evil) position; office, assignment, mentor, area champion; position, Limited winner; responsibility; noble man or woman; character ennoble.

CHECK (Bank)

Faith (the currency of the Kingdom of God): provision; trust. Bad Check is Fraud; deception; hypocrisy; lack of faith or prayer.


Works: Doing (or not doing) the Word or will of God.


Strategy: Carefully plan your next move; deliberate, purposeful action; stalemate; depending upon the context, checkmate indicates personal defeat or defeated enemy.


Meditate (as in, “let me chew on that awhile”): Receiving wisdom and understanding; Chewing Bubble Gum is Childishness; foolishness. Chewing Tough Meat is hard saying or difficult work.


Hindrance: Stumbling over something (as in “too much to swallow”); hatred or anger (as in “I could choke him!”); unfruitful (as in “the weeds choked the tomatoes”).


Hidden mysteries: A difficult problem Prevent from being seen or discovered. Enigmatic: Something that baffles understanding and cannot be explained revealed” or “oracle in obscurity of mind thought”. Books are lives.


Covering: Righteousness; Spirit; Soul Body; Body; Children; acutance. (Attitude). Filthy Clothes is Unrighteousness; self righteousness; uncleanness; wretchedness.


Change or Covering: Trouble; distress; threatening; thoughts (of trouble); confusion; hidden; covered (see FOG). White Clouds is Good change; glory; revival.


Fool: Foolish works of the flesh; the “old man”; childish; mischief. The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning; but the heart of fools [clowns] is in the house of mirth (Ecclesiastes 7:4).


Covering: Anointing; authority; protection; grief; shame; confusion. Shirt is Covering as pertaining to the heart: i.e., righteousness or sin. Without a Shirt (male or female) is Self righteousness (self-justification); legalism; shame, temptation.


Infestations: unclean spirits; uncleanness; hidden sin; Cockroaches is a messengers of deterioration from the enemies against their victims in other way to decompose, corrupt  or terminate the exemplary or superior things seen in people lives and replace it with evil from the insect.


Bitter or Stimulant: Desire for revenge (bitter envying); bitter memories; wake-up call; become sober.



Lack: Sin; ignorance; grief; mourning; gloomy; evil; ominous; famine; burned.


Gift: A gift (with feeling); gift from or of God; marriage; family; honor; deceitful gift; timidity; fear; cowardliness. Welcome home (as in “a yellow ribbon”).


Spiritual: Spiritual gift; divine revelation; heavenly visitation; depressed (as in “singing the blues”); a male infant. Medium or Dark Blue is God’s Spirit or Word; blessing; healing; good will. Very Light Blue is Spirit of man; evil spirit; corrupt.


Life: Mortal; flesh; carnal; envy; inexperienced; immature; renewal. Evergreen is Eternal life; immortal.


Passion: Emotion; anger; hatred; lust; sin; enthusiasm; zeal.


Energy: Great jeopardy; harm; danger. (A common color combination is orange and black together, which usually signifies evil or great danger). Bright or fire orange is Power; force; energy; energetic; danger.


Flesh: Sensual; sensuous (as in “hot pink bikini”); immoral. Moral (as in “a heart of flesh”); chaste. A female infant.


Pure: Without mixture; unblemished; spotless; righteousness; blameless; truth; innocence. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints (Revelation 19:8).


Knowledge: Knowledge of God is Redemption. Knowledge of the World is Idolatry; spiritual adultery. Silver Coins is Revelation knowledge.


Glory or wisdom: Truth; something precious; righteousness; glory of God; self-glorification.


Royal: Rule (good or evil); majestic; noble. …And purple raiment that was on the kings of Midian… (Judges 8:26).

BROWN (or Tan)

Dead (as dead grass is brown): repentant; born again; humble; without spirit; Masculine.


Not Defined: Unclear (as in “the gray area between right and wrong”); vague, not specific; hazy; deceived; deception; hidden; crafty; false doctrine; grief. Gray Hair = Wisdom, age, or weakness. The hoary [white or gray] head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness (Proverbs 16:31).


(With the top up) – Covered: The emphasis is on the covering of the auto owner or driver’s life (i.e., spirit, attitude, covenant, etc.).


(With the top down) – Uncovered: Everything revealed; open, nothing hidden; self righteous or unsaved person; “Living in the fast lane.”; not submitted to authority; pride; sin or evil exposed.


(Horn of Plenty) -Abundance: Abundance without measure or limitation; goodness without end; blessed.


Harvest Field: Economy: prosperity, when ears are large and full; famine: when ears are shrunk, dried and decay.


Rest: At ease; unconcerned; lazy (as in “couch potato”).


Not of God, witchcraft; confusion, crack future; Future; divination; fortune telling; prediction; repentance needed.


Church: Congregation; may represent one’s own Church.


Show: Entertainment; a worldly view, “seeker of friendly” church service.


Characteristic: That for which the city is known (for example: Las Vegas city in the world, it’s a Gambling place, prostitution, place of gaming, etc.); the Church; a person’s character.


Superior: Leadership caster; major leader renewal; God’s servant; valiant man; heroic leader.


Cooking: Cooking up good or evil meditation, thought, or intention.


Judgment: Trial; execution; persecution; justice; legal matter; local government


Crabby: Disgruntled; ill tempered; easily angered; complaining; critical.


Retreat: Coward. With Raised Claws is Defensive; cautious; renege on a promise (as in “He got cold feet and crawfished out of the deal”). And all the men of Israel, when they saw the man [Goliath], fled from him, and were sore afraid (1 Samuel 17:24).


Decision: Confusion; choice; job change; career change; geographical move. Right Turn is Natural change. Left Turn is Spiritual change.


Confusion: Outspoken person, usually operating under the influence of a spirit of envy or strife (which causes confusion and disorder); hateful; direct path (straight line, as in “as the crow flies”); God’s minister of justice or provision.



Change Directions: Stop; repent; certain failure; no advancement possible (as in “that’s a dead-end job”); a point at which you must review the way you are going or what you are doing and make the necessary changes in direction.


Termination: Repentance; loss; sorrow; failure; separation; the end of a relationship; physical death, when naturally interpreted.


Death Sentence: Doomed; Cursed.


Extinct: Evil or trouble from the past (through inherited sin); guilt of past sins (as fossils remind one of the past).


Permanent Separation: End of something (including relationships).


Excrement Soiled: Defiled by sin. Digging up dirt looking for scandalous, shameful or criminal activity in someone’s life as: embarrassing. Good Soil is Disciple.


Sin: Need for repentance; shameful (hidden) deeds.


Finished: Charter: Graduation; recognition of achievement; promotion.


Habit or Snare: Discard: Religious tradition; addiction; lust; passion; sin.


Strife: sometimes mind: Contention; offense; unclean spirit. Personal Pet is something precious, or a friend (as in “man’s best friend”). Dog Wagging Tail is Friendly; acceptance. Tucked Tail is Guilt; shame; cowardly. Biting Pet is Rewarding evil for good (as in “biting the hand that feeds him”); betrayal; unthankful. Barking Dog is Warning; incessant nuisance; annoyance. Dog Trailing Game is Persistent; obsession. Rabid Dog is Single-minded pursuit of evil; contagious evil; persecution; great danger.


Entrance: Christ; (new) opportunity; way; next level; avenue; mouth.


Obnoxious: Self-willed; stubborn; unyielding; tenacious. Braying is Bragging character.


Storage: Thoughts; memory; indicates one’s life is disorganized when contents are untidy; cluttered thoughts.


Dreaming in your dreamed – Direction: Message; Clarity: Open up of the covered; A message within a message; aspiration; vision, desire ambition, desire respiration.


Extremely: good or bad; Condition at the same dread, awful, risky or dangerous situation. Dreadful sound: incoming manner; horror event; incoming difficulty; bad incoming circumstances; anticipate with fear.


Demon: real spiritual warfare ahead; the nation of China.


Control: Self; Christ; pastor; teacher; satan; the emphasis may be on the nature of the driver (careless, careful, frantic, confident, selfish, rude, kind, etc.). Passenger is self: Church member; family member. When a school bus driver represents a teacher, his passengers usually represent his students.


Barren: Religion (as compared to true worship); tradition; backslide condition; repentant (as when Israel obeyed and crossed the Jordan on dry ground after their forefathers refused to go in and possess the land).


Influenced: Under a spell (i.e., under the influence of the Holy Spirit or a demonic spirit, such as witchcraft); controlled; addicted; fool; unchangeable; stubborn; rebellious; selfish; self indulging; proud; conceited; arrogant; boastful.


Barren: Religion as compared to true worship; tradition; backslidden condition; repentant ; as when Israel obeyed and crossed the Jordan on dry ground after their forefathers refused to go in and possess the land. 


Small: Made small by comparison (as in “David was dwarfed by the giant”).



Mundane: Grovel; sins; demonic; beneath; working on your wrong imagination; (for further help click here)


Power: Holy Spirit or sorcery. Power Lines is Spiritual power; dangerous obstacle when flying (see AIRPLANE). Electrical Outlet is Power source; Holy Spirit. Burned Power Outlet is Offense; anger. Power Cord Unplugged is No power; lack of prayer; lack of authority.


Changing Position: Going into the spiritual ream; elevated. Going Down is Demotion or trial; backsliding or retrogression. For significant floor numbers in elevator up is as same and down is also as the same.


Sealed: Important message from God (must be unsealed, or interpreted); personal instructions; prophecy.


Gradual loss of something important as a result of an ongoing process in life; e.g. span of time during operate growth. It can speaks of period or period form a positive or negative act of God or satan punishment of hidden sin of past. Pray over sudden loses of great possession in your life and expanses you will win.


Desire (Good or evil): Covetousness; passion; lust; revelation; understanding; the window to the soul (thus revealing what is in the heart). Winking is Deceitfulness or cunning; hiding true desire. Eyes Tightly Closed is Unbelief; willful ignorance. Wounded eyes is an act of suffering or hurt desire or inflicting in endeavors.


Protection; guide; coverage; from affliction, suffering, experience, events, present situation



Heart: Sad; glad; mad; bad; etc.; the same as another person (when one looks into the mirror of another person’s heart, he see his own heart’s reflection (See Prov. 27:19 below); before or against another person (as in “get out of my face!”); the actual person’s face.


Unclean: Offensive; impure; need for repentance.


Boundaries: Barrier; obstacles; religious traditions; doctrines; inhibitions.


Work or Source: Production; getting things done; the Kingdom of God; the Church; the “world”; worldly, apostate church; the motions of sin; fabrication (including lies, heresy, false worship). Idle Factory is Not busy; not reaching full potential; natural workplace.


Authority: God; author; originator; source; inheritance; tradition; custom; satan; natural father.


Law: Authoritative relationship based upon law (as in “Moses’ law or Church government”); legalism; problem (authoritative) relationship; he may represent himself.


Feeling: prophetic; sensitivity; discerning; conviction; works. Pointing Finger is Accusation; direction (as in “he went that way”); instruction.


Emergency Assistance: Quick response to an urgent need; help on its way.


Passion: Power; God’s Word or Spirit; revival; anger; envy; jealousy; strife; desire; lust; zeal; trial; affliction; gossip. Fireplace is Heart.


Spirit or Soul: Person (good or bad); a person’s character or motive (as in “Something sure smells fishy about him”); Holy Spirit; unclean spirit.


Hope: Witnessing; evangelizing; preaching; discouragement (without hope); asking questions (as in “he’s fishing for answers”).


Instrument: ministry; tools (good or evil); preparation; new things.


Glory: Temporary; gift; romance. Lily is Death; funeral; mourning. Bud is Potential; Bud unfolding is Good growth; time of fulfillment at hand; glory revealed; Dead or dried flowers is Withdrawn or dried up affections; without passion; needs watering (prayer); untended.


(Something made oversees, such as a dress, car, or gun) – Alien: Not of God; of the flesh; demonic. Not of this world (therefore heavenly).


Alien: Not of God; of the flesh; demonic; not of this world (therefore heavenly).


Stronghold: Well-defended position. If dreamer is within the fort is Secure; safe; protected; well-defended. If without is Unsafe; vulnerable, walls broken down is Need to build up or repair fortifications.


Subtlety: Deception; cunning; also, a con man; false prophet; wicked leader; hidden sin as in “foxes have holes,” i.e., they hide.


As in Front Yard or Front Porch – Future or Now: In the presence of; a prophecy of future events or currency – that which is to come; immediate; current; now.



Rejected: Filth; hell; evil; vile; waste; corruption.


Working: Church; ministry (such as a counseling ministry); pleasant pastime. Garden is Church; field of labor. A vegetable is Fruit of one’s labor; Garden Pests is Weights and sins that devour one’s fruit.


Misleading: Deceiving realm or spirit; evil motive; envy; false accusations; slander; danger; poisonous doctrine.


Fuel: Prayer; inflammatory gossip; contention; strife; danger; life feminism.

GENERATOR (Electronic Device for Producing Super Signal Voltage or Lesser)

Source: Good or evil: (Generator Light: Industrial; Bigger, Medium, and Smaller), originates; personal; clarification. Electronic Voltage Device: light arena; quality or amount of light kingdom; walk of life. Wind Generator or Aero-Generator: divine change; help from above; divine assistant; next level. Under Reparation: Restore by replacement; fully repair the suffering and losses; Give new life or energy. Damage Beyond Use Or Repair: Defeat and humiliation of income power (finances); Reduce to bankruptcy; Reduce to ruins; Deprive of humanitarian; irrecoverable state of devastation and destruction; A ruined building (life); process of becoming dilapidated (backwardness).


Spirit: Haunt; problem from one’s past, presence, spirit wrath; torment; unjustified fear; evil heart or conscience.


Covering: Protective good or evil; safe; Caution; Suspender (as in “handle with kid gloves”). White Gloves is Clean; inspection. Black or Dirty Gloves is Evil works; Indication. Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully (Psalm 24:3- 4).


Adhesive: Unity; Support; cleave together; tenacious. Who, when he came, and had seen the grace of God, was glad, and exhorted them all, that with purpose of heart they would cleave [Greek: glue] unto the Lord (Acts 11:23).


Sinner: Unbelief; stubborn; unyielding; strife; argumentative, lecher; negative person; scapegoat (blamed for other’s wrongdoing; victim).


Accomplishment: Advancement; Calibration; Graduation; recognition of achievement; promotion.


Seed: Word of God; harvest. The condition of the grain (including wheat, rye, oats, corn, etc.) may indicate (present or future) condition of the economy as in small amount, as in Genesis 41:22-23 – 27 below.

And I saw in my dream, and, behold, seven ears [or heads of grain] came up in one stalk, full and good: And, behold, seven ears, withered, thin, and blasted with the east wind, sprung up after them… and the seven empty ears blasted with the east wind shall be seven years of famine (Genesis 41:22-23,27).


Fruit: The Spirit of promise (Holy Spirit); fruit of the Spirit; promise of wrath. Pomegranate is The Word of God because of the seeds.


Flesh: Self (as “in the flesh”); the Word of God. For all flesh is as grass… (1 Peter 1:24). Ask ye of the Lord rain in the time of the latter rain; so the Lord shall make bright clouds, and give them showers of rain, to everyone grass [the revelation of Christ] in the field (Zechariah 10:1). DRIED GRASS is Death: Repentance; spiritual drought period.


Chastisement: Sickness; financial need or distress; emotional and mental depression or anguish. Mowing Grass is Repentance (as in “crucifying the flesh”); preaching against sin.


Buried: End of all fleshes; hidden; forgotten; terminal.


Source: The word of God; abundant supply; endless sources.


See subheading under HIGHWAY.

GRAVEYARD (or Grave)

Hidden: Out of the past; curse; evil inheritance; hypocrisy; death; demonic.


Words: Accusations; slander; gossip; power. Broken or Inoperative Gun is without authority or ability; without power; hindered.


Risk Taker: Taking chances; covetous; between two or more gaming; if dishonest, cheat; underhand dealing.


Covering: Protection; safe; careful (as in “handle with kid gloves”). White Gloves is Clean; inspection. Black or Dirty Gloves is Evil works. (See BLACK, WHITE, and HANDS, FREDDY KRUEGER’S GLOVE: villain life and revenge situation.) Who shall ascend into the hill of the Lord? or who shall stand in His holy place? He that hath clean hands, and a pure heart; who hath not lifted up his soul unto vanity, nor sworn deceitfully (Psalm 24:3- 4).


Not Defined: Unclear (as in “the gray area between right and wrong”); vague, not specific; hazy; deceived; deception; hidden; crafty; false doctrine; grief.

Gray Hair: Wisdom, age, or weakness.

The hoary [white or gray] head is a crown of glory, if it be found in the way of righteousness


Way: be confidence in present endeavors no matter the situation.


Source: The word of God; abundant supply. GRAVEL HIDDEN: having very feeble source vision. There’s a solution to every situation.


Weapon and Problematic


Heir: Oneself; inherited blessing or iniquity; one’s spiritual legacy; actual grandchild when naturally interpreted directly.

GRAVEYARD (or Grave)

Hidden: Out of the past; curse; evil inheritance, enemy’s at work,; hypocrisy; death; demon.


Life: Mortal; flesh; carnal; envy; inexperienced; immature; renewal.

Evergreen: Eternal life; immortal.


1. Glory color or superlative wisdom: Truth; something precious; righteousness; glory of God; self-glorification.

2. Kingship or leadership of the earth, and the future.


Sticky: Grudge; offense (hard to forgive, as gum is hard to remove when it is stuck to the bottom of one’s shoe). Chewing gum is Contemplating; meditating (as in, “let me chew on that awhile”); idling away one’s time; annoyance (when one is “popping” gum). Chewing bubble gum is Childishness; foolishness


Weak or Ineffective Weapon: Without power; lack of prayer and fasting. I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength [or power], and hast kept My word, and hast not denied My name (Revelation 3:8).


(or other High-Powered Pistol or Rifle) – Powerful: Spiritual power through acceptable service; covenant; effective; the power of evil working through agreement (acquiescence) or conquest (our defeat). For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, hut mighty through God to the pulling down of strong holds (2 Corinthians 10:4). …Of whom a man is overcome, of the same is he brought in bondage (See Rom. 6:16; 2 Peter 2:19).



Judgment: Punishment; destruction; bombardment.


Assistance: aid, relief; materials source, temporary support, sustain, urgent contribution, help out.


Seduction: The worldly church; adultery; prostitute, fornication; temptation; snare; unclean person; stubborn.


Judgment: Punishment; destruction; bombardment.


Covering: Covenant; humanity; the old (sinful) nature; doctrine; tradition. Long-Haired Man is Defiance; rebellion. Woman With Long Hair is Glorified. Shaving is Putting away the filthiness or nature of the flesh. Haircut is Removing or breaking covenants or religious traditions. Hair Growing Back Out is Restoring the covenant


Works: Deeds (good or evil); labor; service; idolatry; spiritual warfare. Raised Hands is Worship; surrender. Clinched Fist is Fighting or anger. Two People Shaking Hands is Covenant; agreement. Hands Trembling is Weakness or fear. Wounded Hand is attack in incoming venture and sickness in endeavors. Hands Outstretched, Palms Up is Helplessness. Hands Covering Face (or Face in One’s Hands) is Grief; guilt; shame; laughter. (Other self-explanatory uses of hands include: waving good-by; begging; prayer. Clasps hand together; calling someone to “come” or to “follow.” Bloody Hand or Bleeding (see Blood).


Seduction: The worldly church; adultery; Personal problems; fornication; temptation; snare; unclean person; stubborn.


To Bundle: Prepare (as in “make hay while the sun shines”); gather people together (as a church) in the name of the Lord but with wrong (selfish) motives; carnality.


Ministration: Individual; accomplishment; agency; instrument; duties; calling; the Church; versatile; government. Landed well is stability in endeavors; highest point reached in the heavenliest of culminating power. Hovering to and fro is no forward motion; stationary; lack of progress; fluctuate around.


Way: the Christian faith; truth; way of life (as in “life in the fast lane”); Christ; a person (as in “he knows the way, follow him”); way of error. Under Construction is In Preparation; change; hindrance. Crossroads is Decision; change of direction. Long Highway is Time.


Mind: Truth; joint (as in a relationship “out of joint,” i.e., offense between brethren); reproduction.


Against Nature: Rebellion; disobedience; inhumanity (i.e., wives not obeying their husbands [witch], husbands not bearing their responsibility of headship properly [wimp]); Also signifies Abuse of Authority (leaders using authority for personal gain and fame); fornication when naturally interpreted.


Authority: audacity, power; ability; kings; anointing (anointing oil was carried in a horn).


Strength: Power; Holy Spirit anointing, sweetheart (spouse, couple), and enlightenment; wisdom; knowledge; pleasant experience.


Time/Work/Season: Flesh (as in “the works of the flesh”); the work of God’s Spirit through man; spiritual warfare; one week (or another specific period of time); age; strength. Dead Horse is Dead Work; an unalterable situation; admonition to stop wasting energy on a lost cause (as in “he’s flogging a dead horse”, i.e., to make him get up and go).


Nature of time or work: Anxious; happy; confident; reaction in recreation.


First part of season/time/ or work: Beginning; get ready to start new things; good starting.


Last part of season/time or work: good finishing end; also, an offensive or obnoxious person, be careful.


Famine: Bad times/season/present encounter; mark of evil.


Persecution: Anger; danger; opposition.


Express threatening: Betrayal; rebellion; persecution; intention work of emissaries.


It is a signs of Idleness: Unprepared; lazy; resting; at ease.


Person or family: Individual; Church. When naturally interpreted, it means a dwelling place. Home is Heart (as in “home is where the heart is”); identity; roots and ancient. Present dwelling place or future dwelling.

Temporary: Place; indication; situation; relationship.


Public accommodating and lodging place for rest or business: Church (place for rest in Christ); public gathering; travel; business travel; temporary stop; rest.


Rescue Care Center: Church; place of healing; mercy; institution; for the person who is sick and wounded.


Strong: Good times/season/work; fast; agility; success.



Refreshment: comfort at present; signify to present victory of stagnancy in all endeavors.


Prayer. Worship; idolatry; Adulation.


Inordinate affection, a TABOO of Mind: Improper relationship; impure desires (improper emotional attraction toward another Christian instead of the proper and normal brother/sister affection, as addressed in First Timothy 5:2 below).


Weapon: Munitions; Defensive: (against financial failure) Super-Maximum Security; Fortifications; (very high stronghold) Power; Protection; Security: on particular environment or Surrounding Refortification.


Faith: Protection; prepared; safe; covered; premium; confidence; future provision for one’s family.


Strength: Powerful; invincible; stronghold; stubborn.


Correction: Change; sanctification; exhortation; instruction in righteousness; God’s discipline; repentance; working out problem relationships; reconciliation (as in “ironing out, differences” pressure from trials).


Wrong age: the most past and debase of the four or five classic age of man; hence, any period characterized by wicked behaviors or laborers; Savage age as retrogression of man.


Strength (good or evil): man or woman of unusual physical or spiritual endurance. Someone who is performing in a very complexly, complicating or strenuous in task without assistance; A dangerous one, never under estimate anybody.



Ministry or Minister of God: Powerful; fast. Passenger Jet is Church. Fighter is Individual person or calling ministries.

Hex; curse; witchcraft; person with bad luck; voodoo; victim; An evil spell: “a witch put a jinx (hex) on his whole family.” Cast a spell over someone or something: putting a hex on someone or something. Foredoom (forefather) to failure.


Mocker: Foolish person. A replication of physical life, so stop or reduce jesting attitude; Fools make a mock at sin: but among the righteous there is favor (Proverbs 14:9).


Decision:  intersection; point; character; determination option.



Heart: Intent; motive; plans; passion; ambition; affliction (as in “If you can’t take the heat, stay out of the kitchen”).


Agreement: Covenant; enticement; betrayal; covenant breaker; deception; seduction; friend.



Weight: Wickedness; sin; burden (the cares of the world); judgment; fool or foolishness


Spiritual: Weakness (of man); God’s strength or ability demonstrated through man’s weakness; rejection. Left Turn is Spiritual change.


Sour: Bad deal; one that is unsatisfactory defective (as in “that car we bought is a lemon”); crabby.


Powerful: Powerful leader (good or evil); predator; permanent, unchanging evil person; danger.

...A leopard shall watch over their cities: every one that goeth out thence shall be torn in pieces: because their transgressions are many, and their backslidings are increased (Jeremiah 5:6).

Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots? then may ye also do good, that are accustomed to do evil (Jeremiah 13:23).


Conviction: Shame; guilt; accusation; affliction.


Manifest: Revealed; exposed. Lights Turned Off is without understanding or manifestation. Flashlight is Personal knowledge or understanding; guidance. Dim Light is without full knowledge or understanding.


Dominion: Christ; king; regal; bold; power; satan; religious tradition; destroying spirit.


Words: Seduction; speech. Impertinence: impudent; disrespectful, loyal. Maggot or Unclean in the Mouth: unholy; immorality; iniquity.


Knowledge: Education; learning; research; wisdom; study; when noisy in library is distraction.


Words: Seduction; speech.


Knowledge: Education; learning; research; wisdom; study; when noisy in library is distraction.


Revealed: Everyday or current affairs; that which is manifest; truth exposed; without hypocrisy.


Lizards represents secret people you knew and close enemies living with you, also known as household adversaries in the dream or unfriendly friends. Be very careful how you exposing your hidden secret publicly.



Corruption: Decaying Matter or Situation; Filthiness of the flesh; evil; insult slang in the lives.


Directions: Word of God; correction; future; plot; plan; design; arrange; traveling; advice.


Covenant: The Church as the Bride of Christ; agreement; joined. Sexual Intimacy is one in agreement. Interruption of Intimacy is Interference or trouble in the marriage or covenant relationship. (See SEX.) Natural marriage when naturally interpreted. Marriage with unknown: good or bad; confusion, division; separation; disconnection; Minimize wrong views daily. Parting Marriage: split-up Divorce with unknown: departure from wrong; farewell; retrogression.


Spiritual Warfare: Deliverance ministry; self-defense; Protagonist. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places (Ephesians 6:12).


Voice: Authority; ministry; influence; leadership.


Instant: Quick work; sudden; impatience; convenience.


God’s Word or One’s Heart (good or evil): Looking at oneself; looking back; memory; past; vanity; Moses’ law.


World: Worldliness: nation, earth, public, realm, community, society, civilizations, kingdom; ripe field for evangelism.

MATHEMATICS (Arithmetic)

  1. Person ability system in the study of structure, change, relationship, concept, statistic, in order to improving life.
  2. The theoretical way of looking at things; something that exists, the exegesis idealized form and summary attitude of the key points in abstract world.
  3. Relation to use progression means solving personal or intermediary issues. The later result or consequences; further developments in growing first harvest mowing field.
  4. A situation in which the key is directly threatened by an opposing pieces, an inspection of examination. A control in a limit circumstance balance.
  5. An order to bank to pay money to a named person or entity. To determine the explanation for or precise nature of a situation, such as the motive underlying someone’s behavior, based on available facts. These are the mathematic in the dream.


  1. Church (true or apostate good or bad): To rule; to manifest the works of darkness; occult; false worship. Moon as Blood is Persecution. And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day [Sun is Christ], and the lesser light to rule the night [Moon is Church]: He made the stars also (personality) Christian; apostle; prophet; saint; minister; leader or role model (good or bad as hero or movie star in past present and future.)
  2. Parenting: of biological or spiritual as parenthood; Crescent Shinning Moon: singular or assignment ahead in one family as task to fulfill. It is more mysteries revelation to hidden personality, it will fulfilling gradually.


Source: Church; spiritual or natural mother; love; kindness. Mother-in-law is Legalistic church; meddler; trouble; she may represent herself.

Power: Motive; motivation; anointing.

Individual: Personal ministry; independence; rebellion; selfish; pride; swift progress.


Ministering: Including preaching, praying for the sick, working miracles, teaching a class or teaching children, etc., is God showing the dreamer his or her calling, or confirming his or her calling; dreaming of ministering overseas confirms a call to the mission field. Another common interpretation is the message being preached by the dreamer is a message from God, either to deliver, or a personal message from God directly to the dreamer. And a vision appeared to Paul in the night; There stood a man of Macedonia, and prayed him, saying, Come over into Macedonia, and help us (Acts 16:9).


God’s Word or One’s Heart: Looking at oneself; looking back; memory; past; vanity; Moses’ law.


Elevation: In rank and status; to rise in rank; Obstacle; difficulty; challenge; kingdom (kingdom or nation).


(As in changing churches, jobs, houses, etc.) – Change:

Change: Geographical move (natural or spiritual, i.e., moving from one house or place to another, or moving from one church to another, including changing denominations); relocation.


NATION (or Nationality)

Characteristic: That for which the people are known. Some examples are: France is Romance. Germany is Industrious; hardworking. Israel (a Jew) is shrewd business dealings (as in “he jewed the price down”); persecuted, it represent the actual nation.


New life (as in salvation): Change; transition; revival; new move (natural or spiritual).


Words: Word of God or man; wisdom; vows; covenant; fasten; steadfast; permanent; unmovable; unchangeable; secure (as in “they stole everything that wasn’t nailed down”).


Identity: Authority; reputation; the name’s meaning (for example, Jolly means “friendly or cheerful”); a person whose name rhymes with the name in the dream; a person with the same initials; a different person with the same name or similar personality, nature, character, or reputation; the actual person in the dream.


Willingness: Self-willed; stubborn; unbelief; authority; rule.


Position: (usually used prepositional as in ‘in the region of’). Locality: The situation or position of an entity. Individual: Separate and distinct from others of the same kind. Characteristic: Concerning things deeply private and personal. Secret: Hidden from general view or use. Understanding Neighbor: “how it got out is a mystery”.


Announcement: Important event; public exposure; news: good or bad; prophecy; gossip.


Darkness: Ignorance; hidden; unknown course of action; timing; sin; power of evil; stealth (as in “they crept in under cover of darkness”). Quality or state; relating or association;


On your left hand when you are facing east – Spiritual: judgment; Heaven or heavenliest; spiritual warfare – as in taking your inheritance.


Uncovered or Flesh: In (or of) the flesh; self-justification and self-righteousness (not under grace, see Galatians 5:4); impure; ashamed; stubborn; temptation; lust; using sex to control others (which is witchcraft); exhibitionism; innocence (as in “a nude baby or child”); open (i.e., revealed); truth; honest; nature; vulnerable.


Essential: Bottom line (as in “getting down to the real nuts and bolts of an issue”); indispensable; wisdom; to fasten. Lock Washer is Secure; unmovable; unyielding.



Strength: Pillar of strength; elder; unmovable; shelter; shaded.


Place or position of authority: Official; oversee; type of office indicates meaning, for example, if it is a governmental office, it refers to government position be civil or spiritual.


Anointing: Clear Oil is Holy Spirit anointing; healing. Bottle oil is as horn oil which means usefulness or ready to be use if not open; Dirty Oil is unclean spirit; hate; lust; seduction; deception; slick; slippery; danger of slipping.


Past: Inheritance, genetic source; e.g., one’s Grandfather’s or Grandmother’s religion, ways, or temperament; established tradition. An old house in good condition is God’s ways; righteousness; diligence. In bad condition are our sins or the sins of our forefathers. Needing revival (when in need of repair or remodeling); untended (when un-painted or the property is grown over with weeds); neglect; unusable (when beyond repair); ruin.


(Unknown) – Wisdom (especially if he is white-headed): Carnal (as in “put off the old man”); weak; fool (as in “there’s no fool like an old fool”).


Oneself or themselves: Character or behavior reveals something about oneself (or something about one’s own child if the dream is to be naturally interpreted). Sometimes children gathered together from different families from one’s own Church represent the Church members.


Is a vegetable from the onions family, since it is the root plant; Onion is the vegetable not a fruit. Fresh onion is the fruit benefit or gain for each labor. Spoiled is a way of loosing benefit or advantage belong profit.


Capacity to do work: Great jeopardy; harm; danger. (A common color combination is orange and black together, which usually signifies evil or great danger ahead). Bright or fire orange is Power; life; force; energy; energetic; danger.

Energy: Healing; Benefits; expectations; Harvest; Great jeopardy in terms of enmity; harm; danger. Bright or fire orange is Power; force; energy; energetic; danger. Patient if rip and eating in your dreams.


Fruit: Fruitful (if well-tended and productive); need for repentance and sanctification if in need of pruning or weeding; Church.


Heart: Heat of passion; one’s imagination “cooking up” good or evil; meditation; judgment.



Covering: Regenerate; remodel; renovate; mind; character; teaching; love. House Painter’s Brush is Ministry or minister. Painting is preaching; covering up (hiding) sin. Paint is Doctrine; truth or deception. Artist’s Painting is Words; illustrative message; eloquent; humorous; articulate.


Leave: Bail out; escape; flee; saved. Parachute is God’s promises; salvation; faith. But when they persecute you in this city, flee ye into another… (Matthew 10:23). PATH – Way: Life; private walk with God; gospel; salvation; error; misjudgment.


Person or Establishment: (evil administration: Lice, Fleas; Ticks; Mites and other Paradises). Corruption; (“the luxury and corruption among the upper classes”) Antagonist: Deriving of benefits; living erectors on the right towards sufficiency place, enemies’ strategies and colonies of retrogression invader personality


Write: Record; instructions to write a book or song, etc.; take note.


Citizenship: Heavenly Citizen: “quality paper” or “rights and duties” or “Prominent citizen”; Authorization: “distinguishing attribute”; Elected: “an important, honorable person” Chosen: Qualification: eligible run for office”; “Qualified for, allowed or worthy of being chosen”. Worthy: merit or value; Being an appropriate and good choice “a fact worthy of attention”. Recommendation: “quality or characteristic that gains a person a favorable reception or acceptance or admission”.  Right: “they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights on Earth”. Completely: “it was completely different from what we expected”; “was completely furnished”. Compensation: (such as giving or receiving money). Due: given or received as payment or reparation (as for a service or loss or injury). Entitlement: “right granted by law or contract”. Claim: “Assert or affirm strongly” Demand as being one’s due or assert one’s right:.


insufficient: ( a very little or small clam) not enough in term of needs

Randomly to generate fresh value that is added to personal value from the grand in the territory of the opponents or challenger {such as password, secret way of succeeding in the area). a prior hashing: attitude; circumstance; suppression; situation presently.


Depravity; abnormal: (wearing perverse things such as clothes; shoes; hat, cap; gloves; etc as a signs of: debasement; obstinacy spirit. mirror with wrong side: opposition, contrarily; enemy’s at work. Solution: psalm 27, 51 and 91 with three day fasting; prayer of reversing needed urgently.


Memory: Conscience; past experience; circumstance; imagination; a message within itself (as in “a picture is worth a thousand words”). Picture Taken with an Important Person is Honor; promotion. Unusual Picture Frame is Attitude (as in “a peculiar frame of mind”); Old or Antique Frame is Time or age (as in “memories from the past”).


Whole: Business endeavors (as in “having a finger in a lot of pies”); part of the action (as in “I’d like a piece of that pie, myself”).


Reciprocal exchange: verbal discourse; indecisive bouncing back and forth between two opinions or decisions; unstable.


Seal: Authority; signet; authorization; cover; impression; small or seemingly insignificant, but powerful.


Lust: Sensual; sensuous (as in “hot pink bikini”); immoral. Moral (as in “a heart of flesh”) chaste and flesh, female infant.


One chosen: Exalted; treasure; clan; precious.


CHRIST: Divine Partner; Purifier; Contributor; Establishment; Renovation; Relation; Future.


In Processibility: Righteousness or sin in process; desire; anticipation; expectancies. Laboring in Pains is trials presently that would lead to joy.


Worship: Idolatry; covetousness; true worship; spiritual warfare; striving; competition.


Resources: solution, assistant; secured; finances; help. Victory in any challenges, awareness: business, (group of individual) point or separation. Hole pocket is looses, failure; dept; misfortune; finical debasement. Three days fasting rebuke all these explained above in prayers.


Supporting performing especially in a competition purposes such as construction; implementing, useful position, propel furnish focus; a person descent. A distinguishing or individuating characteristic: “he knows my bad points as well as my good points” Celestial point: Geographical point. Terminal end: Tangency.


Authority: Natural (civil) or spiritual authority (pastors, etc.), good or evil; protection; angels or demons; an enforcer of a curse of the law (because of transgression or an evil covenant).


Money matter


Seal: Authority; authorization; small or seemingly insignificant, but powerful right.


Vessel: Doctrine; tradition; a determination or resolve; form of the truth; a person.


Native: character; attitude; prey; symbol; citizen; status; struggle; to hold back.


Bondage: Rebellion; strong emotion (such as depression, fear, rebellion, hatred, anger etc.); addiction (alcoholic, dope, past evil judgmental, etc.). Prisoners is Lost souls; stubborn sinners; persecuted saints.


Royal: Rule (good or evil); majestic; noble. “…And purple raiment that was on the kings of Midian…” (Judges 8:26).


Fourth Generation;  Quantity; Night; 3 Month; Fourth Hour; Charge Line; 25 Cents; Fourth Period; 40 Acre; Place Allocation; Four Cardinal; Toe Foot; Relations; Exemption; Sergeant Major; Trimester; Districts; Provision; Lodge.


Period of Knockout: Preparation of Next Level; Competition: “occasion on which a winner is selected from among two or more contestants”; Life: social life”; “city life”; “real life”. Continue: “Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last”.


Qualification into Final; Next Level or Admission: “his new position involves a qualification of his party’s platform”. Next Stage to Win: “The right to enter”; Last Contestant; “person who dissents from some established policy”.  Challenger; Contender; Set to Final Examination.   


Accomplishment: “An ability that has been acquired by skilled or experiencing”; Successful achievement; Action of Accomplishing. Conclusion of Qualification: “the final answer”. Ultimate Degree or Classification: “the judge’s decision is final”. Final solution: Last Competition: “The final match between the winners of all previous matches in an elimination tournament”. Rival: “The contestant you hope to defeat” “Someone or something with similar quality as another”.



Broadcast: Truth or error: Gospel; witness; Government.


Life: Revival; Holy Spirit; Word of God depression; trial; disappointment as in “raining on someone’s parade. Drought is Blessings withheld or because of sin); without God’s presence.


Violating Another’s Will: Violation; abuse of authority; hate; desire for revenge; murder. 


Covenant: Promise; good; protection; God’s Will.


Violating Another’s Will: Mindset; Violation; abuse of authority; hate; desire for revenge; murder.


Revival concerning individual or directly to the Church): Spiritual awakening; warning of unpreparedness if left behind!


Weak: A spiritually weak person; opposition that comes ill rough the weakness of the flesh; affliction as when used as a whip.


Heart: Motive; attitude; thoughts. Stored Food is Memories stored in the heart; Spoiled Food is harboring a grudge; unclean thoughts or desires.


Covenant: Authority (as in “a signet ring”); eternity (unending); prestige. Wedding Ring is Covenant. Engagement Ring is Promise. A Ring Worn is Jewelry is Self-glorification. 


Spirit or Life: Spirit of God; spirit of man; righteousness; judgment. Long River is Time. Steady Flowing Current is Passage of Time. Rapids river is Danger; tossed about. Deep or Wide is Difficulty; obstacle; impassable; incomprehensible. Muddy River is Spirit of the World; religious traditions of man; sin; wickedness. 


Power: Powerful ministry; swift progress; swift destruction; sudden, unexpected attack; war. But God shall shoot at them with an arrow [or rocket]: suddenly shall they be wounded (Psalm 64:7).


Old: Past; memories; meditation; rest; retirement.


Covering: Oversight; government or covenant (good or evil); Holy Spirit. Rooftop is Revealed; manifestation.


Attitude: Hidden sin; Some common roots [>wrong attitudes or values>] include the following: love of money, bitterness [desire for revenge], low self-esteem, fearfulness, selfishness, an independent spirit [rebelliousness], etc.); conviction; steadfastness; pure motive; cause; reason; source; stable; unmovable.


Bondage: Sin; covenant; vow; hindrances; rescue; salvation; Freedom. 


Romance: Love; courtship. Red Rose is Passion. Yellow Rose Garden is Marriage counseling.


Work: Working out life’s problems (personal or ministry); earnest prayer; spiritual labor.


Articulating: Clear; Effective; Turning Point; Distinction Mark; Change of Speed; Transition in Journey; Center axis: “Deviating from a straight course” when children apparatus in the endeavors. Detour: Travel; Deviation; Original Rout; Execution to the next level similar in purpose. Close To: Nearer; Direct; Right Channel.


Covering: Covenant; Holy Spirit; deception or covering things up > as in> “sweeping things under the rug”.


Spiritual or canal: good or evil in personality; position; level worker; future activities. Hope for the valiant man; future hero.


Passion: Emotion; anger; hatred; lust; sin; enthusiasm; zeal.


Word: Driving Backward : using the rear view mirror: is Operating by the letter of the Word (instead of by God’s Spirit); legalism; looking back.


Minister: Christ; prophet; pastor; counselor; need for adjustment in theology, ministering, attitude, relationship, businesses, definition and experiences etc.. Repairman’s Tools or Mechanic Tools are the Word of God; Prayers; Instruments: Gifts of the Spirit; wisdom, knowledge and fruits of the Spirit.


Preacher: good or bad; head of the family; minister in government.


Natural: Authority; power; the strength of man (flesh), or the power of God revealed through flesh (i.e., Christ or the Church); accepted. Right Turn – Natural change.


Tradition: Warning; Unchanging; habit; stubborn; gospel; caution (as in “stop, look, and listen”); danger.


Unstable: Emotional instability; irregular; unfaithfulness; wavering; manic-depressive; mania – depression illness; mind cage; sentiment; behavior, events, or experiences characterized by sudden and extreme changes (an emotional roller coaster).


Spiritual: Grace; mercy; compassion; forgiveness;


Rough: Hard correction; not diplomatic; cleansing; future; weariness (as in “The wash woman is worn out”). Don’t stop praying you’ll get there.


Striving: endeavor; operation; faith; contest; haste; processing out one’s salvation; trial: flee; chase.


SALT  Seasoning or Preservative: Covenant; Better Life; acceptable; memorial; rejected.


Flesh: Improper foundation; Arabian nations; weakness; weariness; drudgery; hindrance; childish (as in a child’s sandbox); unclean (as in a cat’s sandbox).


 Teaching or learning: Church; people or work; teaching ministry; training. But when divers were hardened, and believed not, but spake evil of that way before the multitude, he departed from them, and separated the disciples [Church], disputing daily in the school of one Tyrannus (Acts 19:9). Then they went out to see what was done; and came to Jesus, and found the man, out of whom the devils were departed, sitting at the feet of Jesus [being counseled or taught], clothed, and in his right mind… (Luke 8:35).


Humanity: (Note: Sea [salt] water is undrinkable.) People;  race; nations; Gentiles; barrier. Salt Water is Spirit of the world; unclean; source of evil. Undertow is Undercurrent; discontent; murmuring (see Matthew 20:11).


Boundary: Heart or soul (which contains and limits the spirit of man); flesh; limitations; weights.


Specialized: Graceful in its own element (water) but awkward on land; rare (threatened with extinction). Out of Water is Out of its natural element.


Security: Safety; assurance. Unfastened is Unsafe (lack of prayer, commitment, attention to detail, etc.


Seeds are the word and life: good or evil; declaration, utterance, or proclamation of man’s life and gift from God Almighty. A seed is the investment, enterprises, cooperation, and partnership between God Almighty and man on earth.


Existence: Beginning; Recourses; Business Deal; Large Step Nobility; appearances; Dirty shirt: Misfortune; Impurity; Scandal; Hateful; Indecent.


Words: Gospel; covenant; preparation; marriage, accomplishment. New Shoes is new ministry or way of life. House Slippers is Self-examination, self-inspection. Loafers is Casual; at ease; unconcern; hypocrisy; retrogression, loafing. Combat or Heavy Boots is Spiritual warfare. Steel – Toed Boots is fortification, Protection


Support: Bearer (as in “burden bearer”); government; family; authority; responsibility; stubborn Broad Shoulders is Strength; consolation. Drooped Shoulders is Tired; overburdened; discouraged; hopelessness. Bare Female Shoulders is Seduction; temptation; witchcraft.


Tongue: Prayer; confession; gossip; character; slander; dig; search; inquire.


Directions: Stop Sign is Stop. Yield is Yield. Detour is Change of direction. Intersection is Decision or change. Keep off the Grass is Give no man offense.


Simple Knowledge: Knowledge of God in Redemption. Knowledge of the World in Idolatries; spiritual adulteries. Silver Coins is Revelation knowledge in humanity.


The force to infinities, abilities and a competition in a developing or birth gift in man; Water or Snow Skiing is supernatural power: Supported by God’s power through faith; fast improvement.


Covering: (Grace) unmerited favor or beneficence of God. Lack of a Skirt is Uncovered; Cause to be ashamed because of sin; hypocrisy.


Repulsive: Offensive; something that should be “put out”; something that one is better off leaving alone; dishonest person.


Lazy: Lethargic; lifeless; slow; Indolence; a dislike of work or any kind of physical exertion.


  1. Sure sign of slow progress or procrastination in all endeavours if it is small or little.
  2. If suddenly seeing a big matured snail in your dream is a sign, to you and you pick it, someone you know will not give something special to you may be money or treasure be eagerly prayerful with the Psalm. 37, 122, is a sign of enemies
  3. Turnover on business or trade is an ado omen 3 days fasting to break barriers and to recover with Psalm. 24, 141, 143,
  4. if seen or picked empty shell of a snail, meaning disappointment deferment in all expectations  and income, pray and bind these spirit withing three days fasting with night vigil. use prayer guide.
  5. Slow: Unclean, immoral person (leaves a trail of slime). These also shall be unclean unto you…the lizard, and the snail, and the mole (Leviticus 11:29-30).


Curse: Demon; deception; threat; danger; hatred; slander; critical spirit; witchcraft. Fangs is Evil intent; danger. Rattles is Words; threats; warning; alarm.


Evil: Sin; deception; false doctrine; temptation; tenacious. Web is Snare; lies (as in “What tangled webs we weave when we first practice to deceive”).


Danger: Great danger; deadly; evil; slander.


Expectant: New birth; new baby; new experience; that which is forthcoming.


Unclean: Selfish; backslider; unbeliever; glutton; fornicator; hypocrite; idolater. Boar = Persecutor; hostile to virtue; vicious; vengeful; danger.


If seen yourself smoking in the dream mean if you are not careful, the bad character and attitude you have left behind we return again, be careful, how you live your life. Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose [as another person’s cigarette smoke offends a non-smoker], a fire that burneth all the day (Isaiah 65:5).


Manifest Presence: Evidence; Character; Secrets (as in “where there’s smoke, there’s fire”); to manifest (as smoke manifests a fire); glory of God; prayer; lying or boasting (as in “blowing smoke”); offense; temporary; cover-up hidden agenda.


Overconfidence: Smoking Cigarettes or Marijuana is a Pride or bitterness characterize; bitter memories; offense; unforgiving; envy; jealousy; self-righteousness. Smoking a Cigar is Haughty; arrogant. Smoking a Pipe is Intellectual pride. Smoking Furnace is Offense; backsliding; anger; trouble. Smoking Hookah (water pipe) is advance presumptuous living. Which say, Stand by thyself, come not near to me; for I am holier than thou. These are a smoke in my nose [as another person’s cigarette smoke offends a non-smoker], a fire that burneth all the day (Isaiah 65:5).

Character good or evil; direction; prevention; hearing; voice speech of communication; participating in the conversation; worry; anxiety of life; Monologue: “Speech you make to yourself”. Within: “within the house”.


Hebrew: “On your right hand when facing east – Natural: World; sin; temptation; trial; flesh; corruption; deception.


The New Beginning: Revival; fresh start; renewal; regeneration; salvation; refreshing.

For, lo, the winter is past, the rain is over and gone; the flowers appear on the earth; the time of the singing of birds is come, and the voice of the turtle is heard in our land (Song of Solomon 2:11-12). Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert (Isaiah 43:19)


Person: Israelite nation; Christian; apostle; prophet; saint; preacher; minister; leader or role model (good and bad, as a hero or gospel movie star or worldly movies star).


Steps (as in a process, sometimes including the concept of time): Promotion; ambition (self promotion); procedure. Stairs Going Down is Demotion; backslide; failure. Guardrail is Safety; precaution; warning to be careful.


Living witness: Word; testimony; person; precept; accusations; persecution as in false witness


Covering: Socks without Shoes is without full preparation. White Socks is pure heart. Black or Dirty Socks is impure heart.


Enemy’s strategic and logistics to divert incoming resources into wasting, watch careful your thought towards God’s directed, men and self in any circumstances.


Warfare: Spiritual warfare; angel (protection or safeguard); demon (accuser or opponent); persecution


Expectation: New birth; new baby; new experience; new beginning; that which is forthcoming.


Courage: Power; Stamina; Endurance; Resilience; Strength; Durability; Energy; Holy Spirit anointing and journey enlightenment; Increasing in wisdom; knowledge; pleasant experience is ahead.


Symbolizes silent, Loyalty, Distinction, Love (a person who has loved with sincerity and purity never forgets and truly love until the end) Adoration, Hope, Embody Resilience, Representing Courage to Pursue, and Happiness often symbolize Felicitousness and Congratulations. God enjoys encouraging us through things in His creation and sunflowers are certainly no exception. Growing from a small seed, they show how mighty a little faith can become. Their constant pursuit of the sun is a good remainder to continually seek the Son, Jesus Christ during our days.  


God Almighty: Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there any thing too hard for Me? God Almighty is the supreme Being in all the universe. (Jeremiah 32:27)


Purification: (The act of cleaning by getting rid of impurities) Repentance; change (as in “a sweeping change”); removing obstacles; rebuking evil doers.


Spiritual Place or Condition: Church; home; family; God’s blessings. Dirty or Dry Pool or Pond is Corrupt or destitute spiritual condition; backslidden.


Unclean: Selfish; backslider; unbeliever; glutton; fornicator; hypocrite; idolater. Boar = Persecutor; hostile to virtue; vicious; vengeful; danger.



Last, in time, rank, or importance: That which follows; afterward; least. Wagging Tail is Friendly. Tucked Tail is Guilt; shame; cowardly, retrogression.


Evergreen Tree: a large overlarge green tree or hardwood tree of the beech family whose back is uses for tanning. Flourishing; Fruitfulness; Transition.


Covering: Repair; patch; bitterness; Trouble Someone; offense; hatred; grudge.


Experience: Discern; Try; Test; Project; Moderator; Scheme; Chairperson; Initiation.


Grief: Sorrow; anguish; repentance; prayer; judgment, be patient for present situation will end in praise.


Corruption: Hidden destruction; secret sin; deception; demon spirits.


Slow: Withdrawn; cautious; protected; safe.


Hindrance: Gossip; evil circumstance; persecution; cares of this life; curse; defense (as in “a hedge of thorns”). Stickers or Cockleburs – Irritant; irritated (as in “a burr under his saddle”); minor afflictions.


Hidden: Hidden unclean spirit; oblivious to one’s true self (as in practicing self-justification and self-righteousness); parasite; pest.


Danger: Powerful minister (danger for the devil!); evil, dangerous person (good or evil).


Foolish: Dumb; clumsy (in word or deed); thanksgiving.


Dross: Waste; worthless; cheap; also purification.


Spirit of Life: (as in “where the rubber meets the road”); spiritual condition. Four Wheel Drive is Full ministry; full gospel foundation. Deflated Tire is Discouragement; dismay; hindrance; lack of strength prayer.


Hindrance: Gossip; evil circumstance; persecution; cares of this life; curse; defense (as in “a hedge of thorns”). Stickers or Cockleburs – Irritant; irritated (as in “a burr under his saddle”); minor afflictions.


Change or Without Understanding (of what the Spirit is saying or of the signs of the times in season): Dispensational change (i.e., a change in the way God deals with His people); a warning of impending judgment or trouble.


Hidden: Deceiver; deception; fraud; destruction; hidden friends; satan; evil intent; works of the flesh; unexpected loss. The thief’s victim is One who is a victim of false doctrine (as in truth lost through tradition or philosophy); loss of liberty, or even salvation; also temptation; unaware; secret; covert operation; God’s judgment (curse) on the wicked.


SOLUTION: to present situation in needs; the condition of being dissolved;
a bringing or coming to an end or into a state of discontinuity; an action or process of solving a problem : an answer to a problem : more explanation to come.


Offspring production: twins human in the dream; it is a symbol of angelic visitation and plating the hair of twins in the dream is a signs of double decision on your expectation so focus to not miss you inheritance miracle; paired in a close or necessary relationship; silver is knowledge; Animals, Fishes, Birds, Plants etc, symbolic duplication of favors good or evil.


Habit: A thing of little important of value; Trifle; love play, amorous dalliance; a ridiculous idea or notion within; to play with an idea or desultory or replica way (to toy with piece of food on one’s plate).


Freedom; Cleanness; Weapon; Transition.


Action: Beginning; Sanity; mind; Next level.


Powerful Work: Slow but powerful ministry; preaching (when plowing). But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto Me…unto the uttermost part of the earth (Acts 1:8). And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all (Acts 4:33).

TRACTOR TRAILER Large Burden: Ministry; powerful and/or large work (truck size is often in proportion to the burden or size of the work); the Church.


Communications: Steps; transmitting power; change of direction, change of purpose or intensity of ministry; transformation.


Production of power; Transition in situations; Change; Distinction; Transformer: step-down transformer; step-up transformer means utilities. Qualities: A characteristic distinctive property that defines the apparent individual nature of something. Of superior grade: noble man; a noble spirit; supersede.   


Continuous: Unceasing work; the Church; connected; fast. Train Wreck is Similar to Airplane Crash.


Superlative in Ministry: Ministering in the gifts of the Spirit; complete trust (as the trapeze artist has to completely trust the “catcher”); risk taker. (See CIRCUS.)


Powerful Work: Slow but powerful ministry; preaching (when plowing). But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto Me…unto the uttermost part of the earth (Acts 1:8). And with great power gave the apostles witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus: and great grace was upon them all (Acts 4:33).


Large Burden: Ministry; powerful and/or large work (truck size is often in proportion to the burden or size of the work); the congregation Church.

Divine Assistant: Gods sent; order from anointed (pastor or your angel) to remove delay in difficulties around of the territory at the moment.


Change: Steps; change of direction, change of purpose or intensity of ministry; 5transformation.


Uninterrupted: Unstoppable; Continuous; Future Sequence; Unceasing work; the Church; connected; faster omens in swift procrastination. Train Wreck is Surface to Airplane in the air crash.


Cover: Assurance:  Audacity; Close friends; Familiarity; Acquaintances; Husband; Conserve; in the Intimacy. Humankind Geologies Retain. Protection; Fulfillment; Value; Destined; Better Situation; Male Generation; Expression; Space or Time. PAIR OF TROUSER: Limitation: Short Inadequate; Less Provision; Less Rule of Man; Inferiority; Manageable; Shorty.


Unreasonably: Unbelief; roots; tenacious; obstacle; un-movable; hope or promise of restoration; regeneration; Christ. For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; yet through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant (Job 14:7- 9).


Spiritual Authority (when used in developing state of Caucasian as jewelry):



Consonant: resonant; procedure; conforming; appearance (Good or Evil); pattern; value; difference; house; distinctions.



Household Journey: Family Climate; Natural desire or Church family; family clan, family ministry; family union; fellowship.


Concealment: Hidden; concealed (or revealed if veil or curtains are removed); covering; deception; without understanding; law; flesh.


Source or People: Christ; person; family; city; nation; flesh; entanglement; snare.


Character: deliberate scoundrel person, attitude, calluses.


Endorsement: Approver: “his decision merited the approval of any sensible person” and right or privilege that has been granted. Citizenship: Authorization; Recognition; Permission: “grant a privilege.” Due: “Funds are granted to qualify” or “grant land”. Admitted: Capacity: Acceptable: identification: Elected: Recommendable: Reputation: “The state of being held in high esteem and honor”. Reacquire:” Gain knowledge or skills”.


God or satan: In human FORM; Man or angel; reality or what would process expectation in visibility. Be prayerful always and positively expect good people on your ways.


Eruption: Sudden violent reaction to pressure; emotionally unstable e.g., as in sudden anger; confusion, violent, trouble erupting; God’s judgment or avenge


Scavenger: Unclean; impure; an evil person; also, all seeing; waiting (in an evil sense, as a person waiting for parents to die so he/she may get their possessions).



Barrier: Obstacle; defense; limitation; unbelief.


Human: assigned to spice up side down issues; Spirit of get and go; scavengers; to attach to a vertical or upside-down surface of circumstances; shares; intruder; harmless enemy; to encroach; creepy matter; incoming significant on personal experience.


Progress: Living in being led by the Spirit; difficult to walk is living in sin. Unable to Walking is Trials; opposition.


Spirit: Word, and therefore the Spirit of God, the spirit of man or the spirit of the enemy; unstable. Stagnant, Muddy, or Polluted Water is Man’s doctrines and ways; iniquity; haughty spirit; unkind. Troubled Water is Trouble; worry; sorrow; healing. Water Leaking through the Ceiling is Trial; distress; depression; destruction.


Spirit: Words; spirit of man; Holy Spirit; salvation; source.


Fruit: Refreshing; picnic. Seeds are Words. Water is Spirit. Sweet is Strength. Green is Life. Red is Passion; the fruit of good or evil works; the pleasures of sin.


Source: Heart; spirit of man; the Holy Spirit.


Wicked: Renege on a promise (as in “weasel out of a deal”); informant or tattletale (as in “that weasel squealed on me”); .i Judas (betrayer); traitor; informant. A devious or sneaky person in other to achieve by clever devious meaning gain engaging behavior.


Work: Hunting or Eating Deer, Birds, etc. Seeking or doing God’s Word with working sorcery.


Predator: Devourer; false prophet; evil minister or governor; womanizer; person seeking his own gain; womanizer; God’s minister of justice. Fangs is Evil motive; danger.


Unkept: Works of the flesh; sin; neglect; laziness; worry; the fullness of iniquity (if they are gone to seed).


Hebrew: “the region of the evening setting in the sun – End: as in the end of the day: Grace; death; last; conformed.


Work: Hunting or Eating Deer, Birds, etc. seeking or doing God’s Word and work; sorcery.


Intoxicant: Strong emotion (such as joy, anger, hate, or sorrow); Spirit (of God or spirit of man); revelation; truth; witchcraft; delusion; mocker. Drinking Wine With Someone is Spiritual fellowship; communion.


Watchman: government, elder politician as state man; human in spirit, public minister (character good or bad); alert; beware.


Life: Temporary; flesh; humanity; carnal reasoning; lust; eternal (as in “a house made of cedars”); spiritual building material as personal life or living.

WOMAN (Stranger)

Spirit: Seducing spirit; temptation; deception; witchcraft; God’s messenger (angel); divine assistant; help; one’s own self.


Death; demonic;


Strange: Commotion; confusion; chaos; disarray (as in “this place is a regular zoo!”); very busy place; noisy strife (like a zoo at feeding time); Family visit – Quality time with the family.

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Words and Signs


Pure: Without mixture; unblemished; spotless; righteousness; blameless; truth; innocence. And to her was granted that she should be arrayed in fine linen, clean and white: for the fine linen is the righteousness of saints (Revelation 19:8).


Present: A gift (with feeling); gift from or of God; marriage; family; honor; deceitful gift; timidity; fear; cowardliness.

BACK (as in Backyard or Back Door)

Past: Previous event or experience (good or evil); that which is behind (in time—for example, your past sins or the sins of your forefathers); unaware; unsuspecting; hidden; memory.

EAST (Hebrew: “In front of you when facing the rising sun”)

Beginning: Law of Moses (therefore blessed or cursed); birth; first; anticipate; false religion

FRONT (as in Front Yard or Front Porch)

Future or Now: In the presence of; a prophecy of future events (that which is to come); immediate; current.

NORTH (on your left hand when you are facing east)

Spiritual: judgment; Heaven or heavenly; spiritual warfare (as in “taking your inheritance”).


Spiritual: Weakness (of man); God’s strength or ability demonstrated through man’s weakness; rejection.

Left Turn is Spiritual change.

SOUTH (Hebrew: “On your right hand when facing east”)

Natural: World; sin; temptation; trial; flesh; corruption; deception.


Natural: Authority; power; the strength of man (flesh), or the power of God revealed through flesh (i.e., Christ or the Church); accepted.

Right Turn Is Natural change.


Above: Help; advancement; promotion; difficulty (as in “it’s all uphill from here”); salvation.

WEST (Hebrew: “the region of the evening [setting] sun”)

End: (as in “the end of the day”): Grace; death; last; conformed.


Word: Word of God or man; elevation; judgment; hypocrisy; self-justification; fake; man’s tradition.

Fantasy Dream

This is demonic and satanic dream of conscious; it is also a cage dream of retrogression bondage in the spirit world.

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Genetic Dream

Thus dream is also a cause of genetic or genes origin spirit of antithetical oppose against goodness in life and future.

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Beginning: First—in time, rank, order, or importance; new.


Divide: Judge; separate; discern; (by implication) witness.


Conform: Obey; copy; imitate; likeness; tradition.


Reign: Rule (over the world); kingdom; dominion; dominance; creation (including things in Heaven and earth); world.


Serve: Works; service; bondage (including debt, sickness, phobias, etc.); taxes; prison; sin; motion.


Image: Man; flesh; carnal; idol; form.


Complete: All; finished; rest.


Put off (as in putting off “the old man,” i.e., the works of the flesh): Sanctify; manifest; reveal; die; death. By implication, new beginnings (the result of putting off the old life is a new life or beginning).


Harvest: Fruit; fruitfulness; promises brought to fruition (fulfilled).


Measure (for the purpose of accepting or rejecting that which is measured): Try or trial; test, or to be tested; temptation.


The meanings of the numbers from 11 through 19 are antonyms of the numbers 1 through 9. (In other words, they are the reverse or the result of the application of the base numbers, 1 through 9.) For example, 3 means to Conform. The opposite of conforming, and the result of forced conformity, is rebellion. Therefore 13 means to Rebel. (See THREE and THIRTEEN).

When a base number is multiplied by 10, to obtain the meaning, couple the key word of the base number with the thought of acceptance or rejection. For example, the date, 5/5/50 means “service accepted” (or “rejected,” as the case may be); 5 means to serve, 10 means to measure for the purpose of accepting or rejecting—therefore 5 times 10 equals “service accepted/rejected.” (See both the following example and the entry TWENTY.)


End: Finish; last; stop.


Joined: United. By implication, govern; government; oversight. (Government is the means by which people are united into common purposes and goals.)


Rebel: Rebellion; revolution; rejection; change.


Double: Duplicate; reproduce; recreate; disciple; servant; bond-slave (employee).


Grace: Free; liberty; salvation; save; sin covered; honor.


Spirit: Free-spirited; without boundaries; without limitation; without law (and therefore without sin [See Rom. 4:15]); salvation.


Incomplete: Immature; undeveloped; unfinished; childish; naive; a babe in Christ.


Put on: Judgment; destruction; captivity; overcome; put on (the Spirit of) Christ.


Barren: Ashamed; repentant; selflessness; without self-righteousness.


Holy: Tried and approved (or unholy: tried and found wanting). Two is separated. Ten is measured.


Fullness: Full measure; full recompense; full reward, etc.


Maturity: Full stature; mature service; mature judgment, etc.


Distinctions: Full honor and recognition of decrees accomplishment.


Merited: Large or beyond estimation deserve significance.

Distinctive: very large, indefinite essential incredible and higher consisting numbers.


Massive: Terrestrial and Operating in all continent gabs.


If there be a messenger with him, an interpreter [of his dreams], one among a thousand, to shew unto man his uprightness: then he is gracious unto him, and saith, Deliver him from going down to the pit: I have found a ransom (Job 33:23 24).

Although much has been written about dreams, the enormous volume of information concerning dream interpretation found in the Scriptures has been all but ignored! The Bible is filled with dreams and their interpretations. It gives detailed instructions that tell and show us how to interpret them.

The Scriptures were written by the same God who talks to us in dreams. His language has not changed. Our dreams, like those described in the Bible, use word pictures or symbols to convey their concealed messages. Therefore we can study the way symbols are used in Scripture as a guide to the way they are used in our dreams.

Those who attempt to interpret the Scriptures sometimes do so without leaving them in context. When they do this, they often assign meanings to them that the author never intended. Likewise, if the interpretation of a dream is to be accurate, the dream must be left in its setting. The dream and its symbols must be interpreted in light of the life circumstances of the person to whom it is given.


A dream is like a snapshot, which captures one brief moment out of a lifetime. It cannot be understood fully without knowing something about the life of the person it concerns.

Therefore, it is not enough to know the meaning of symbols alone. Nevertheless, without an understanding of symbols, we are greatly limited in our ability to navigate through the complex world of dreams. Even when we are familiar with the background of the person a dream concerns, we should use caution when we apply a symbol’s meaning. Hasty dream interpretations should be avoided. Even Daniel mulled over Nebuchadnezzar’s dream for an hour before he ventured an interpretation, and he knew the kings lifestyle well (see Dan. 4:18-19). One of the best ways to keep from either simply forgetting about a dream or jumping to conclusions concerning it’s meaning, is to start a dream journal.

Taking the time to write down a dream usually causes one to remember it in greater detail. It also provides a permanent record to refer to. By recording a dream and what it appears to mean, we can check back later to see if we were correct in our understanding of its meaning. This also appears to be the safest and quickest way to learn to interpret dreams correctly. Sometimes one dream by itself does not provide enough keys to know for certain what God is trying to say. But by comparing several successive dreams, we often find a progressive message unveiled before us. Remember that Job said, “God speaketh once, yea twice…” (see Job 33:14). God is faithful to speak to us again and again if we are      really trying to hear what He has to say. Jesus said to be careful of both what you hear, and how you hear it (see Mark 4:24, Luke 8:18). By listening carefully to what God is saying morning after morning, we are assured of more to come, because He said, “…unto you that hear shall more be given” (Mark 4:24). Of course the flip side of that is, “…he that hath not, from him shall be taken even that which he hath” (Mark 4:25). When recording your dreams, be sure to include each dream’s date, your location (home, on vacation, etc.), the feelings that you experienced while dreaming as well as anything important that is going on in your life at the time of the dream. By recording the background information, when you refer back to it later you will still be able to place it into its proper setting.

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